A bit about me…

Here I am - posing in my adult babygro in front of a pretty wall.

Here I am - posing in my adult babygro in front of a pretty wall.

I am a lover of story, and I find myself continually intrigued by the way people live, fascinated by relationships and familial dynamics. I know crime fiction and thrillers are all the rage, but I can’t even watch an episode of Casualty without covering my eyes in fear. (Does that show still run? Gah, I’m showing my age…) Instead, I love stories that make my heart sing, that leave me smiling (possibly after a weep first), that make me want to go skinny dipping in wild water, reaffirming the value of life. I want positive input in my brain, and I hope to imbue that spirit in my own work.

If I’m not bashing a keyboard, you’ll find me attempting to herd my two (somewhat feral) sons. I also LOVE to read books (obvs) and take my butt to the theatre. Preferably alone. (My alter-ego may well be an introverted loner. Less Sasha Fierce, more Sasha Flop.)

I can typically be spotted with a coffee or glass of wine in hand (depending on the hour/my stress level), in either Devon, London or Tenerife, where I teach yoga on the beach. (I know, I’m sorry, the beach setting is as idyllic as it sounds.)

Sometimes my yogic mind infiltrates my writing, so you may need to excuse my occasional leaning into the farfetched. Or, even better, lean with me!

Thank you for visiting my site, I am feeling a whole heap of gratitude for ya right now. (See what I mean? Don’t say I didn’t warn you…)




As well as writing and yoga-ing, I also like to make dance music as JoLo Disco.

I don’t get a whole load of time (or budget!) to do it, but you can check out what I have made so far at Sound Cloud or check out the tune opposite.

Hopefully there’s more coming soon!